After struggling to work on-the-go for years and often getting stuck taking an important call in an Uber - We have utilised our experience with modular pods and smart technology to create micro-workspaces on the go.

TaskPod hacks latent spaces into existence using modular pods that can be accessed by a simple app for meetings, video calls, interviews or just chilling out.

Taskpod aims to enable hybrid workers, sole traders and digital nomads, the ability to work wherever they are.

TaskPod provides the steppingstones for new hybrid workers to find, book and access a quiet, private space at the click of a button.

Our Pods: are sound reducing, include 5g WiFi, have market leading ventilation, and are smart locked to ensure privacy.

You'll find TaskPod's popping up everywhere - from shopping centres to airports, to office foyers to gyms.

TaskPod are currently being rolled out to airports and shopping centres around Australia and will be soon expanding overseas in a variety of spaces, and sizes. Keep your eyes peeled for a TaskPod near you!