iBlush was a classic startup based on a personal problem. Founded by a Chinese-Australian university student studying winemaking -the idea for the company was prompted by her getting alcohol flush when tasting wine as part of her course. A lot of time working with leading chemists, pharmacists and naturopaths finally found a solution.

Unfortunately a solution is only 10% of the way to a realy business. After 12 months of failed attempts at launching the product, MilkBar’s investment team stepped in to provide the necessary experience, networks and capital to facilitate the growth of the scientifically formulated patch.

Today iBlush is the number one product in the world for reducing the effect of alcohol flush.

iBlush are transparent, transdermal patches full of natural ingredients to facilitate the effective breakdown of alcohol in the system leading to reduced redness while drinking. Other effects include easing discomfort and improving the next day hangover.

MilkBar is closely collaborating the founder to both refine the formula and bring a whole line of product expansions making iBlush a quicker and easier relief.